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   From an early age I have held a fascination with all aspects of history. The seed for my passion for the Amercian Civil War began when I came across an old amputation kit which belonged to a family friend when I was about 10 years old. I began collecting Civil War relics before I graduated high school and some 15 years later my fascination for the hobby is no less intense. As time progressed my collection grew as did my knowledge of the war and the men who fought in it. The first image I purchased was just a simple ruby ambrotype of just your average Civil War soldier. Nothing fancy. However from that point on I was hooked. While the different areas of Civil War collectibles is almost innumerable, from firearms to ordnance, uniforms, egded weapons and countless others I began to focus my attention on photographic images. While each type of artifact has it's own story to tell for me it was the images of the men who fought during that conflict that held the most interest. It is the images of these men who fought, lived and died during that war that I believe bring us closer to understanding the conflict and the beliefs for which these men were willing to make the extreme sacrifice in order to uphold.

It is our goal to bring to you items which extend beyond the oridinary.While the majority of the items you will find here are photographic images we do from time to time have other items related to the Civil War that we do offer. We are always in the market to buy, sell or trade. If you have specific inquiries or questions please dont hesitate to ask. If you have questions regarding an image which you already own we will be happy to take a look at it and offer our thoughts. We thank you for taking the time to browse thru our site and hope that you find that special item that your looking for.


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