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Item #34745 Super nice pair of Louisiana buttons. One coat size and one cuff size button. These were both recovered in the area of McLean, Virginia. Most of the gilt still remains on the face of the buttons with the coat button still retaining a considerable amount on the reverse as well. No pushes to either of these. Both shanks intact. It is bent over on the coat button however. No makers mark visible on either. Some of the nicest dug Louisiana buttons you will find! $400.00 SOLD! 

Item #57332 Super nice cast brass Confederate "Block I" infantry button. Beautiful brownish-green patina on this one. Took a hard hit to the face of the "I" at some point as it's pretty well flattened there. Period strike however. Shank is intact on the reverse. This one was dug along the Columbia Pike in Franklin, Tennessee. Beautiful button. $150.00

Item #58743 Drop dead beautiful silver bullion sword knot. One of the nicest quality officers sword knots I have seen. Absolutely no fraying to this one. This one doesn't appear as though it was ever used. Wonderful intricate weaving of the silver cord with no separation any where. Measures 11" from end to end. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer example! $325.00

Item #78643 Wonderful cast brass "Atlanta Style" CSA waist belt plate. It was recovered near Dalton, Georgia many years ago which resulted in this beautiful green patina which covers the plate. Typical casting flaws you want to see on these plates. All three cast hooks are still present on this one which is a bonus. About as nice as you can expect to find for a dug CSA plate! $2750.00

Item #78754 Super nice Confederate UCV medal. This one is from the 22nd Annual reunion held in Macon, Georgia from May 7 though the 9th in 1912. Featuring a view of the last meeting between Lee and Jackson on the medallion. Still retains a nice, vibrant blue and red to the two draped Confederate flags which is almost worn off. Still retains the pin on the reverse as well. Very nice badge! $285.00

Item #48900 Beautiful shoulder bar for the rank of major. This one belonged to William Grantman while serving with the 13th New Hampshire Infantry. William would initially muster with the 1st Massachusetts Infantry as a private in mid May, 1861. In August of that year he would be discharged for a promotion and transfer into the 13th New Hampshire with the rank of captain. His promotion to major would come in June of 1863 with another promotion to lieutenant colonel in July, 1864. He would be wounded at Yorktown on April 26th, 1862 while serving with the 1st Massachusetts. I only have the one as it appears these were handed out to different family members. Single gold bullion wire border on this one with gold bullion oak leaves for the rank of major. Beautiful brilliant blue velvet field on this example. Shows no fading or mothing at all. An old note accompanies this view written in 1916 by Amos B. George which identifies the board and details instructions to give the lieutenant colonels shoulder board to another family member. Amos himself would serve in the 48th Massachusetts Infantry as a corporal. Drop dead beautiful major's shoulder board. $550.00

Item #91754 Extremely rare U.S. Christian Commission identifier tag. These things are almost unheard of. Very, very few of these remain. They were a very early version of what is now referred to as "dog tags". They were basically made from a heavy paper stock and as you can image if you are out in the field marching in rain and snow, sweating all over it and getting it banged all around they didn't last long. The few that remain are usually in pretty poor shape. This one however is quite the opposite. This one belonged to George Riddle of the 3rd West Virginia Cavalry. This one reads " I am George Riddle Co. H, 3rd Reg't, W Va Cav, 3rd Brig. 3rd Div. 1st Corps.". The back holds his address. "George Riddle, Parkersburg, Wood County, W. Virginia, Box 141". George would muster with Company H at the end of May, 1863. He would join the regiment in time to see action at the wars most prominent battle, Gettysburg. On September 22, 1864 he would receive a gunshot through the left shoulder although it does not mention the fight in which it occurred. He would survive the wound and serve up until the end of June, 1865. The ink on this one is a bit faded as you would expect when you're out bouncing around on the back of a horse across the countryside. Extremely rare piece! $1250.00
  Item #19808 Nice dated 1861 id'd bible. This one belonged to lieutenant William A. Rhodes of the 36th Ohio Infantry. Rhodes would muster as a sergeant with the regiment in August, 1861. Nice period pencil inscription inside the front cover on this one reading "Wm A. Rhodes Comp H 36 Regt O.V.I  U.S.A". A notation written below notes that the bible was given to Rhodes by his mother. The opposite page lists his home town of Urbana, Ohio. William would receive a promotion to 2nd lieutenant in October, 1862. The regiment would fight in a number of engagements throughout the war. Second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam and many more. Antietam would be followed by Chickamauga and it would be the last battle that Rhodes would partake in. He would be severely wounded here on September 19th and would later succumb to those wounds on October 11, 1863 in a Chattanooga hospital. William would be buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. There is a wonderful carte view of William housed in the Ohio History Connections Museum Collection. A scan of that view will be included with the bible. The bible itself is very sound with no loose pages and the binding nice and tight. $395.00

                                                     Item #29786 Super nice brass id tag belonging to John A. Steele of the 10th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry. At 18 years of age John would muster into Co. B. in late August, 1862. The regiments first real taste of war would come at Fredericksburg. It would be followed by a handful of other battles. Bermuda Hundred, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Fair Oaks and a handful of others. Stamped "J. A. Steele Co. B. 10th Reg N.H.V. Nashua". Typical eagle motif on the face of the tag with some good wear. the eagle is about worn smooth so you know he wore this for quite some time. John would survive the war unscathed despite the regiment losing a total of 195 men. He would muster out in July, 1865. This one comes with the envelope in which it was found along with some paper work on John as well as the regiment. Really nice tag that saw plenty of use. $1175.00

   Item #89432 Super nice set of original Civil War drum sticks and brass drum sticks carriage that just walked in. Nice, thick rosewood sticks with the larger heads that were typical of the war date sticks. Each measures about 16" in length. These ones definitely saw some use. They fit snuggly in this original brass carriage with the three wire hooks still present on the reverse. Top notch set up of these hard to find sticks with the original carriage! $700.00

  Item #27854 Wonderful silver id shield which belonged to Leavitt W. Robbins of the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Beautifully engraved on the face of the badge reading "L.W. Robbins Co. F 6th O.V.C.". This one was recovered near Richmond. The regiment spent considerable time running all over the state of Virginia. Company F would join the regiment at Warrenton in March, 1864. Robbins would muster with the regiment in September, 1863 before heading to Warrenton to join up with the rest of the regiment. The regiment would keep quite busy serving with the Army of the Potomac and fighting in nearly 50 engagements during their tenure. This one is missing the T-bar on the reverse which most likely accounts for it's loss. I can only assume Lawrence was quite upset upon discovering it's loss. He would on one occasion be thrown from his horse with his knee striking a rock when he hit the ground which did cause him some trouble for some time but managed to survive the war otherwise unscathed. This one comes with a stack of paper work which includes his full pension file and service record. Also included is a copy of the book "Better a Patriots Grave, 6th O.V.I.". Measures about 1" x 1". Super nice shield badge. $1750.00 

Item #33543 Extremely nice M1851 Colt Navy .36 caliber percussion revolver. All matching serial numbers on this one of "194100". That would place it's manufacture to sometime in 1866. This one did have a naval scene on the cylinder at one time but most of it has been worn away. Very nice dark patina. Completely functional with the action just about as tight and crisp as the day it was made. Everything is solid on this one. Entirely complete with all actions functioning and tight. This one does come with the original Colt .36 caliber bullet mold and holster. Mold is stamped Colts Patent and it functional with a beautiful patina. The holster is worn but complete and still pliable. Closure tab is present as well as the flap with no tears. The belt loop on the reverse is also present. No base plug however. Super nice set that saw some good use and is still functional! $3500.00

Item #89772 Very nice leather cartridge box for the Burnside carbine. This one is stamped by the maker Hoover & Calhoun of New York. This is a very nice box. The leather is very pliable with very little crazing. Both belt loops are intact but it is missing one roller buckle. The closure tab is present and in very good shape. The interior wood block for holding the ammunition is present but there is some wood loss where a mouse got in there. Overall a very solid box. $350.00

Item #29229 Drop dead beautiful OVM box plate. Hard to find, rare plate and this one is a beauty! This one was recovered in the area of McClean and Penn Laird, Virginia many years ago. Wonderful dug patina on this one. No dings or dents to the edge. One very minor pimple on the face but otherwise one of the nicest dug OVM plates I have seen. The hooks have rusted off the back as to be expected in a dug example. About as nice of a dug example that you are going to find! $1800.00

Item #66876 Very nice matching pair of enlisted man's brass shoulder scales. A couple very minor dings but otherwise fine. A little tarnish to one. Both of these have the full brass tongues intact. Very nice set. $150.00

Item #37654 Nice grouping of three reunion ribbons for the 28th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry. The regiment would only see action in two battles during their service but they were two of the hardest fights of the war. Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. The ribbon on the top left is missing the top bar and pin. The other two are in wonderful shape and still retain the pins. These are from the 1891 and 1906 reunion's. They do come nicely displayed a riker display case. $200.00

Item #68711 Silver id shield for the famed 3rd New Jersey Cavalry "Butterfly Hussars". This would have been worn by one of the cavalryman like the one pictured in the image below who served in that regiment. Made out of silver. The center shield is roughly the size of a quarter with the entire piece overall about the size of a 50 cent piece. Still retains the original pin back which is very solid. This one belonged to an un-named member of Co. A. Very nice and rare badge which this photo does not do justice. $1200.00

Item #78111 Silver id badge belonging to Corporal John B. Morton of the 79th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Beautifully engraved "Jno. B. Morton Co. H 79 P.V.V" with wonderful scroll work. This one measures 1 7/16" across by an 1 1/4" tall. It does still retain the original T-pin on the reverse. Just missing the closure tab. A resident of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Morton would enlist with Co. H. as a corporal in Septermber, 1861. He would re-enlist in February, 1864 and continue to serve up until July, 1865. He would be no stranger to the battlefield fighting with the Army of the Ohio. They would take a beating at Perryville. Fight at Murfeesboro, Lookout Mountain and a good many more. Very nice badge from the flag bearer of a very hard fought unit. $3250.00

Item #45541 Very nice signed letter by Colonel Charles H. T. Collis commanding the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, Collis Zouaves. This one was written in response to a letter received by Collis asking for his autograph. In reply he sent this letter with  his signature reading "Charles H. T. Collis. Col commdg 114 Pa Vols. Bvt. Major Genl Vols" Very bold ink inscription and dated to March 1, 1892. Measures 5 1/2" x 6 1/2". This would make for a nice display to coincide with a view of one of the members of the Collis Zouaves. No tears to this one. Very nice! $75.00

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