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Item #22410 Half plate ambrotype of 5 very well to do men. Unfortunately they are not identified. All 5 are dressed in very fine suits with one of the men prominently displaying his gold watch chain draped over the shoulder of his fellow friend. I do not have a case for this one. $100.00

Item #37655 Killer half plate tintype dating to around the 1880's. Wonderful outdoor view of this family and their very modest, small farm. It appears to be 3 generations of family members posed for this photograph. A elderly man and woman are seated in chairs in front. The woman sits with hands folded in her lap with eyes closed. I presume the two older women are daughters and the young child a grandchild. A young woman probably in her teens stands way off to the left for some reason. Her hat resting on the ground near her feet. They are photographed in front of their very dilapidated and small home. Certainly not a wealthy family by any means. What you see is what you get with this one. I have no case or mat or anything for it. $125.00

Item #79001 Ninth plate ruby ambrotype identified as Ellen Chapin of Westfield, Massachusetts. Haunting blue eyes as she strikes this pose for the camera. Accompanying the image is this old period note reading "Ellen Chapin - Mrs. Geo. D. Broomell State Normal School. Schoolmate at Westfield, Mass & lifelong friend of Julia R. G. Vernon". I have not researched this one. It comes housed in a full leatherette case. $45.00

Item #21988 Carte view of George May Powell. Born in 1835, Powell would record quite a career. He would start by serving as a noted Treasury statistician. He would invent an improved rifle as well as an Army cot. Powell would be involved in 3 separate publishing companies that would combine both his business and social reform interests. He would found a number of social reform organizations and was noted as a public speaker on progressive and religious issues. George would also work as a writer and cartographer. The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation currently holds 5 boxes of material pertaining to Powell which is housed in the New York State Library. He's also listed in "Who Was Who in America". Powell would also serve in one of the Washington D.C. Militia Regiments which all civilian members of the Executive Departments were required to participate in. This one has a pencil notation on the reverse reading "George May Powell Treasury Dept. Civil War Soldier". This one is by Brady. $90.00

Item #48777 Carte view of an attractive young unidentified woman hailing from California. Standing pose as she rests on this ornate Victorian chair. She wears this wonderful dark silk dress ornamented with beaded fringe and lace applique on the shoulders, cuffs and pocket. There is a tax stamp on the reverse of this one which appears to be dated March 2, 1865. Rare back mark by William Shew of San Francisco. Super nice image. $75.00 

Item #48777 Victorian era sixth plate tintype of a man and woman seated in a horse drawn carriage. Parked along the curb, a row of trees can be seen behind them lining the avenue with a hedge row running parallel to the street. A empty second carriage can be seen parked behind them with the horses head poking up behind the rear of the first carriage. Most certainly taken in some large city such as Washington perhaps. I don't have a case for this one. Just the mat, glass and preserver. $50.00

Item #34989 Carte view identified as husband and wife Charley and Maria Bates of Centralia, Illinois. Charley is dressed in this rather dapper checkered suit and overcoat while Maria is looking quite the beautiful young lady in this wonderful pattern dress and gloved hands. The names of their children are also listed on the back. This one had a tax stamp on the reverse that has fallen off. There were 3 men by the name of "Charles Bates" that would serve from the state of Illinois. I would presume based on Charley's age that he most certainly had some service during the war. Back marked out of Centralia, Illinois by Matthews and Russell. $55.00 

Item #78890 Sixth plate tintype family portrait in the horizontal format. A young female child stands at center dressed in a floral pattern dress with a two-piece waist belt. She is flanked on either side by her mother and father. Her resemblance to her mother is uncanny. Her father sits with greying hair and dressed in a black suit and holding a handkerchief in his lap. The mother is dressed in a very plain black silk hoop skirt with white lace fringes. This one comes housed in a full leatherette case. $35.00


Item #26521 Group of three beautifully tinted 1860's period carte views. The first is an album filler entitled "Autumn Leaves". This was originally painted by G. G. Fish in 1863. His imprint can be seen in the lower right hand corner with the date 1863. No back mark on this one but just an absolute work of art! The second view is of a young woman posed next to a Victorian chair. Dressed in a black Garibaldi blouse with a yellow pattern. Vibrant purple tinting to the both the curtain and patterned carpet. Lastly is this young boy in this exquisitely tinted view. The artist must have exceptionally skilled. Wonderful tan trousers and even his straw hat is tinted. This views bears a cancelled tax stamp on the reverse dated "Aug 64". The last two views back marked out of Philadelphia. Great trio of images with wonderful eye appeal! $75.00

Item #99001 Pair of two 1860's period gemtype tintypes. Both are still attached to the original CDV size card mounts. Both views depict unidentified young women. The views themselves are about 1" tall. Exceptionally clear images. The green mount is not back marked. the other is back marked out of Rochester, N.Y. Wonderful pair. $25.00

Item #43421 Occupational carte view. Possibly an accountant or book keeper of some sort. He is dressed in this dandy of a suit comprised of these checkered trousers and matching double breasted vest. The suit is complimented with this dark sack coat. Couldn't miss this guy in a room that's for sure! Seated in a wooden chair with legs crossed, he holds a pen in his hand with an open ledger on the table. Period ink signature along the front bottom reading "Your Friend A. F. Mathias". I have not researched the id to ascertain his identity. No back mark. Simply "New York" written in pencil on the reverse. Great looking carte view. $75.00

Item #45122 Carte view of this beautiful unidentified young woman. Wearing this stunning silk day dress with pagoda sleeves and lace trim. She stands posed against the back of a chair with large sausage curls in her hair and deep brown eyes focused on the camera. No back mark on this one but there is a period pencil inscription on the reverse reading "April 10/66". $50.00

Item #89001 Extremely rare 1860's stereo card titled "The Morning Call".  The scene shows two women in a sitting room with the woman to the left breast feeding her young child. Her bodice top is unbuttoned with her breast exposed while cradling the child as the other woman looks on. Extremely rare view given the time period. The reverse has an old paper tag glued to the back the reads "The Morning Call" with the name "Stratton" written in period ink below. Very rare content. $150.00

Item #17768 Pair of husband and wife carte views with rare San Francisco back marks. The pair strike identical poses in the lavish studio of A. P. Johnson located at 649 Clay Street, San Francisco. The husband strikes this very confident pose dressed in a fine suit. Presumably from a wealthy back ground. Some light foxing to these two but seldom seen early San Francisco views. $150.00

Item #21545 Sixth plate tintype of this young boy standing with his hands in his pockets. I love this pose! Posed next to this miniature table with his hair done up in large curls. He reminds me of one of the Little Rascals. Dressed in a pink button up shirt, brown knickers and shoes laced up to the ankles. This one does have some flaking to the emulsion. Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. $20.00 

Item #34100 Beautiful daguerreotype of this young boy. Seated with arms crossed in his lap he peers off to one side. Dressed in white pants and a undershirt with a dark silk vest and cravat. His hair nicely combed over to one side he appears to be deep in thought. He appears to have some kind of medical issue with one eye. No case for this one but it has been re-taped. Nice, clear view. $50.00

Item #45551 Carte view of an unidentified male subject. Studio pose dressed in a sack coat and vest as he grips his lapel. His cap rests on top of a book resting on the pedestal at his side. This one is back marked out of Youngstown, Ohio. $10.00

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