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Item #89987 Sixth plate tintype of a unidentified Federal sergeant of artillery. Nice seated pose of this NCO. Dressed in a four button sack coat with sergeant chevrons worn on the sleeve. killer slouch cap worn with his artillery hat cord wrapped around the base. Nice, clear image. Housed in a half leatherette case. $200.00

Item #28867 Sixth plate tintype identified as James Henderson of Illinois. James would muster as a corporal in Company M of the 11th Illinois Cavalry beginning in December, 1861. The regiment would serve in the Army of West Tennessee fighting in a handful of battles including Shiloh and Corinth. James would re-enlist in December, 1863 and serve another year and a half before mustering out in September, 1865. He stands here dressed in his cavalry uniform and wearing his corporal stripes. He would later receive a promotion to sergeant. The front of his cap bears the numeral "11" and his company letter "M". In an attempt to present his accouterments in the proper order he has taken his belt and flipped it upside down. You can clearly see that the cap box is worn upside down with the finial pointing upwards. A revolver is tucked into his belt while his empty scabbard hangs from the hip with sword in hand. This view is accompanied by an old note reading "James Henderson. Boy raised by Grandfather Ross 11th Ill. Cavalry. Under Ingersoll". Housed in a full leatherette case. Nice id'd cavalry image. $650.00 

Item #23155 Killer ninth plate ruby ambrotype of this well armed rebel. Dressed in a dark military frock with another heavy wool coat worn underneath. A belt is worn around the outside of the frock with double roller buckles. He is armed with this fantastic D-Guard bowie knife with decorative guard. I don't think you could get a finer point on that thing if you tried. That's one dangerous looking knife. Armed with a single shot percussion pistol as well which is most likely a photographers prop. This one does unfortunately have a fine crack in it running diagonally from corner to corner. Still an impressive image. Housed in a full leatherette case. $1850.00

Item #89099 Sixth plate tintype of an unidentified member of the 76th New York Infantry. Known as the "Cortland County Regiment" they would see extensive service fighting their way across the wars bloodiest battlefields. While their accomplishment on the field were many the regiment is probably most noted for being the lead regiment on the field during the 1st days fight at Gettysburg. They would advance across Emmitsburg Road about mid morning on July 1st slamming into a brigade of Confederate troops. After 20 minutes they would be pulled back leaving more than half the regiments strength laying on the field. They would spend the remainder of the battle posted on Culps Hill. This member of the regiment is dressed in the New York jacket issued to the regiment and wearing this wonderful slouch cap. Pinned to the front of the cap is a corps badge for the 1st Corps tinted red to signify the 1st Division to which the regiment belonged. The numerals "76" and the letter "G" are visible on the front of the badge. Great looking image from a historical regiment. This one comes housed in a half case. $550.00 SOLD!

Item #11252 Beautiful quarter plate ruby ambrotype of this Federal lieutenant. Absolute stunning clarity to this image. This young officer sits dressed in his frock wearing the rank of 2nd lieutenant. A McDowell pattern cap is worn with an embroidered infantry horn worn on the front with his regimental designation. The numbers are slightly blurred but it looks like perhaps the number "29". He sits cradling this magnificent officers sword and wearing a M1851 eagle waist belt plate over his sash. The clarity of this image is just superb. Ruby ambrotypes are by far my favorite format simply for that reason. Unfortunately this officer is yet to be identified. Housed in a half leatherette case. $750.00


Item #49494 Double cased pair of husband and wife ninth plate images. Superb ninth plate ruby ambrotype of this young lady in a blue dress which has been wonderfully tinted. Crystal clear image with beautiful blue eyes. The second view is a ninth plate tintype of this cavalry sergeant. Heavily tinted cavalry chevrons on the sleeve and sporting a small multi-colored neck tie. These comes housed in a very nice double sided patriotic thermoplastic case. $395.00

Item #48766 Sixth plate tintype of this hard drinking yank cavalryman. He already looks like he's 3 sheets to the wind. Seated pose wearing two jackets and a pair of re-enforced cavalry trousers. A large handkerchief is tucked into the fold of one jacket with a pocket watch chain and key hanging from the pocket. On the table beside him stands a bottle of booze and a tin cup. This does have an old clipped id to a lieutenant with the 134th New York Infantry with it but I don't believe it is correct as this fellow is wearing a cavalry jacket. I will however include it with the image. This one comes housed in a beat up half thermoplastic case. The emulsion on this one is unfortunately suffering from flaking in a couple locations as you can see. $195.00

Item #89896 Beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype of a Federal cavalryman. Standing pose of this trooper dressed in his cavalry great coat and cape. The cavalry great coat differed from the infantry version in that the cavalry coats were double breasted. His sword belt rig is worn over the coat as he brandishes his heavy cavalry saber for the camera. Beautiful light blue tinting to the coat on this one. Nice, mint view. Housed in a full thermoplastic case. $700.00 SOLD!

Item #90091 Beautiful sixth plate ambrotype of this young rebel. This one is by famed Richmond photographer Charles Rees. This Confederate infantryman sits dressed in a Richmond Depot Type II jacket. Cast Block I infantry buttons line the front of the jacket as well as on both shoulder tabs. Wonderful view as you can clearly see the natty texture of the jacket. Wonderful tinting as well in Rees's skilled hand. Unfortunately this one is not signed. Regardless still a wonderful masterpiece by one of the most skilled photographic artists of the period. $2000.00 SOLD!

Item #45534 Very neat sixth plate tintype of Federal line officer. Standing pose dressed in his infantry frock as he leans up against the pedestal at his side. He looks to be a 2nd lieutenant. His M1851 eagle waist belt is worn over his sash while he sports a pair of leather gauntlets. A McDowell pattern cap rests on the pedestal and he has propped up his Colt revolver in order to give a clear view of it. Apparently he must have been very proud of it. You can see the holster resting on his hip. This one has the last name of "POTT" scratched into the emulsion up above his head. There are a few possible matches if you would like a good research project. Really neat image. Full leatherette case. $650.00

Item #90331 Sixth plate tintype of this baby faced Federal infantryman. Probably not much older than 18 years of age. He seems to be very much at ease sitting for this pose despite the monumental task before him. Dressed in a sack coat he sits with his hands resting in his lap. US waist belt and cartridge box. His musket rests against his shoulder with the bayonet in position and a great view of the wooden tompion in place. Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. $300.00 SOLD!

Item #24310 Ninth plate ruby ambrotype of this young musician. Identified inside the case in period script as, "U. M. B. in the year 1862". This is most likely Uriah M. Browder who would enlist as a musician in Company K of the 94th Ohio Infantry during the summer of 1862. The regiment would see quite a bit of action. They would fight at Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and all through the Atlanta Campaign along with a number of other engagements. Uriah would finally be mustered out with the regiment in June, 1865 fielding only 338 men of the original 1010 who had initially enlisted in the regiment. Housed in a full leatherette case. $395.00 SALE PENDING!

Item #28191 Drop dead beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype. One of the most beautiful ambro's I have ever seen. The coloring on this image is just spectacular. Seated pose of this yank infantryman dressed in his greatcoat and cape. Superb blue tinting to the coat and his trousers. A red scarf is worn around the neck with the coat worn over the top of it. His cap rests on a table beside him with this stunning green and pink floral pattern table cloth. Even his hands have been tinted to make them more life like. Just an absolute work of art! Housed in a full leatherette case with a repaired spine. $850.00

Item #89700 Killer quarter plate tintype of this two Federal infantryman. This image has a great look to it. The two foot soldier sit in chairs with legs crossed and dressed in infantry frocks. One of the men wears a nice wheel cap. Both men appear to be armed with Austrian Lorenz muskets which they hold tight up against the shoulder. One of the men is also armed with a bone handled Bowie knife and the other with a revolver tucked into the belt. Super nice image with great clarity! Housed in a full leatherette case. $1250.00

Item #48123 Outstanding sixth plate tintype of this unidentified Federal infantry captain. Crystal clear image of this very distinguished officer. Seated pose with his hand tucked into the fold of his frock. His gloved hand rests on the pommel of sword. That eagle waist plate couldn't be any more clear! A fine pair of Smith's patent shoulder straps are worn with the rank of captain clearly seen. Unfortunately I have thus far been unable to identify this subject with absolute certainly. Just a magnificent view of this officer. Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. $750.00

Item #90021 Killer early war, sixth plate tintype of this unidentified infantryman from the 5th Connecticut. Dressed in this very plain Connecticut frock with large, plain brass buttons running down the front. His cap is worn with an usually small brass infantry horn pinned to the front with the numeral "5" in the center. A M1839 "Baby Size" US waist belt plate is worn upside down. His cartridge box is worn over the shoulder with the woven shoulder strap issued to Connecticut troops. His knapsack is also worn with what appears to be a cowhide blanket rolled up and strapped down across the top. Extremely unique! Superb early war view of this Connecticut volunteer. Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. $800.00 SALE PENDING!

Item #76676 Sixth plate tintype of two Federal infantry NCO's. Beautiful image. The pair stand at attention armed with rare M1861 Springfield rifles. Both men stand dressed in infantry frock's. Corporal stripes are worn by the man to the left and the rank of sergeant to the right. US waist belts are worn with the cap box. Housed in a full patriotic Union case but it does have a chip out of it. Really sharp looking image. $850.00

Item #25161 Sixth plate ambrotype of a very eerie looking rebel soldier from the state of North Carolina. Photographed in front of the "House on the Hill" back drop identifies him from that state although he remains nameless. Dressed in a very plain butternut jacket and matching trousers. A small Colt pocket revolver is displayed across his chest. From his appearance I'm not so sure that he is in the best of health. His head has been shaved. Perhaps due to a lice infestation. His eyes are almost protruding outward. The photographer has then tinted them blue giving him this creepy appearance. He also seems to have a distended belly or is a bit on the pudgy side which is highly unusual given the time period. Very unusual image regardless. Housed in a full leatherette case. $2650.00 

Item #22727 Super cool quarter plate tintype of 4 Pennsylvania pards. Wonderful composition. The two center figures stand with arms resting on the shoulders of each man seated opposite. This is a great study of the common soldier in the field and the variations of dress. The only military article these men have in common is the trousers. They all sport differing styles of shirts and caps with the fellow on the end wearing his infantry hat cord around the neck. This does have an old period tag behind the case reading "Think this is Clarence Kampman. Brother of Theo F. Kampman". Clarence Kampman would serve in the 5th Pennsylvania Infantry which would serve as a 30 day unit in September, 1862. The regiment was raised in response to the failure of US forces at Manassas and fear that Confederate forces would soon invade the state. The men would be rushed towards Hagerstown to meet advancing southern forces. Those forces would however be defeated at the Battle of Antietam before the regiment ever reached Hagerstown. They were ordered home and mustered out of service shortly there after. Presumably these are all men from that unit. Which one of these men is actually Clarence I don't know. Outstanding view regardless. Housed in a full leatherette case. $1350.00 SALE PENDING!

Item #79867 Ninth plate tintype dressed in this unusual jacket. It's not a frock and it's not your typical service jacket. Similar to a Schuylkill Arsenal infantry jacket but the buttons are not correct. It also lacks any trim although the photographer has taken the liberty to add cavalry cuff trim and sergeants stripes. Unfortunately the buttons are gilded over obscuring any state identity. This one comes housed in a very nice patriotic thermoplastic case and patriotic mat. $350.00

Item #34533 Neat little ninth plate ambrotype of this Federal artilleryman. Dressed in this service jacket which bears rimmed buttons rather than the typical un-rimmed eagle buttons. Most likely a state issue jacket. He wears his cap with the crown extended upward and completely missing the visor with just the chin strap across the front of the cap. Quite an unusual looking piece of headgear. Mounted in this wonderful thermoplastic frame. One small chip to one corner but otherwise nearly a pristine and hard to find case. $250.00

Item #38773 Quarter plate tintype of an unidentified Union drummer. Studio pose as he stands on a carpeted floor with plain, white canvas sheets strung up behind him for the back drop. This young drummer stands next to his snare drum which rests on a chair at his side. His drum sticks are seen held in his opposite hand. Dressed in a simple four button sack coat and cap. A lock of red hair rests behind the image as well as a two cancelled tax stamps with the date of September, 1864. Getting hard to find nice drummer views that don't cost you a fortune. Housed in a half case. $700.00

Item #55400 This is a neat pair of ninth plate tintypes of two unidentified Connecticut troops. Both images were taken in the same studio and appear to be outfitted with the same studio props. Both men are dressed in a dark grey uniform consisting of a 5 button sack coat with a large breast pocket and matching grey trousers. They also wear identical grey slouch caps. Connecticut troops were issued a number of odd accouterments. One of which was this heavy, woven cartridge box sling which is worn by both men. They also sport a US "baby" waist belt. Both armed with the identical pistol as well. Now whether or not the accouterment set was provided by the photographer or not is anybody's guess but the pistol most certainly was. Neat pair of images. These two come housed in a very nice double sided thermoplastic case. $600.00

Item #54987 Sharp looking sixth plate ambrotype of an early state volunteer. Not sure where this fellow is from. Mid western state most likely. Dressed in a dark blue, 8 button service jacket with cloth shoulders tabs and belt loops. He wears corporal stripes on the sleeve but you can clearly see they used to be sergeant stripes and the top chevron on each sleeve has been removed. Busted down in rank no doubt. The buttons along the front of the jacket are Federal eagle buttons. A nice and clear M1851 eagle waist belt is worn along with his sash. You can just see the scabbard for the sword that he holds jutting up from his hip. A very beat up cap is worn with infantry insignia and his company letter "F" pinned to the front. Sharp looking image. This one comes housed in a full patriotic thermoplastic case. $600.00

Item #61217 Sixth plate ambrotype by famed Richmond photographer Charles Rees. Done in the relievo style for which he is most noted for. Absolutely Rees's studio with the typical chair, tablecloth and book on the table as seen in many Rees views. Dressed in a grey uniform sporting black epaulettes and a collar trimmed in black cloth tape. This rebel is not identified but this is the uniform worn by the Richmond Grey's. They would see action in a number of battles fighting with the Army of Northern Virginia. More than half of them men from this regiment that went into the fight at Gettysburg didn't return. A unique feature of this soldier is that he has one blue eye and one brown eye. Both have been exquisitely tinted which highlights the skill for which Rees was known. This one is not signed by Rees unfortunately but still a wonderful example of his work. This one does come housed in a full thermoplastic case. $2000.00

Item #80655 Sixth plate tintype of two accompanying carte views all taken in the same studio. These are believed to all be members of the same family. One of the carte views is identified on the reverse as "W. B. Brown". I do have a couple copies of paperwork from the family album which documented the births, deaths and marriages within the family dating back to 1827. I can't make heads or tails of who is who however. All three subjects are dressed in infantry frocks with their arm resting on a side table draped in this beautifully tinted blanket. Nice little grouping and research project for somebody. Neither of the carte views bare any back mark. The tin comes housed in a half leatherette case. All three for $295.00 

Item #33600 Sweet little ninth plate oval tintype of this dashing yank cavalryman. Nice up close view of this horse soldier dressed in his cavalry jacket. He sports this fantastic black felt slouch cap with a wonderful and large ostrich plume worn directly in the front of the cap. Wonderful example of what one would imagine when picturing a dashing cavalryman. This one comes housed in a full thermoplastic case but it does have a small piece missing out of the case right where the latch is. Wonderful image! $350.00

Item #27888 Sixth plate tintype of a unidentified member of the 1st or 2nd Rhode Island Infantry. This fellow however was most likely from the 2nd Rhode Island which recently became famous after the Ken Burns documentary and Elisha Hunt Rhodes. This Rhode Islander would serve with Company D which is pinned to the front of his cap. He is dressed in the classic Rhode Island blouse issued to members of the 1st and 2nd Rhode Island along with the dark blue chasseur kepi. A small shield badge is pinned to the front of his blouse and a ribbon hangs from his pocket with a pocket watch key seen swinging at the end. His pocket watch resting in his pocket out of site. A US waist belt is worn with a holster pistol worn on the belt. It looks to be a .32 cal. Merwin & Bay single shot derringer. Nice looking image from a hard to find state and historic regiment. This one comes housed in a full leatherette case. $465.00

Item #22199 Very nice ninth plate daguerreotype by famed New York artist Rufus Anson. Seldom seen war date daguerreotype of this officer with the rank of 1st lieutenant. As an officer he would have been in high demand in just a few short years when war came. He wears a pair of spectacles in this view. Unfortunately he is not identified. Housed in this full velvet oval case with Anson's mark on the pad. $950.00

Item #98654 Wonderful grouping that came out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Ninth plate ambrotype identified as Denny G. Schoolfield who would serve in Company B. of the 45th North Carolina Infantry. Company B would be raised in Greensboro during February and March of 1862 and mustered into service on April 9th at Camp Mangum near Raleigh. Their first fight would come at Malvern Hill before returning to North Carolina. The following spring they would move north and participate in the Gettysburg and Cold Harbor Campaign's. They would continue to serve up until Appomattox, however Denny would transfer into the 7th North Carolina Senior Reserves. Presumably sometime in February, 1864 when the regiment was raised. The regiment was made up of boys between the ages of 17 and 18 and men between the ages of 45 and 50. His service records are limited but it appears he was present with the regiment on April 26th, 1865 when General Joseph Johnston surrendered his forces at Durham Station, North Carolina. Records indicate he was paroled on May 10, 1865 after take the Oath of Allegiance. Schoolfield is shown here dressed in this elaborate triple breasted frock which I would presume dates to his service with the 7th Senior Reserves. The frock bears 3 rows of extremely rare North Carolina state seal buttons. You can clearly see the standing female figure on the face of the button. These buttons run about $700 a piece now a days and he has a full coat of them! The cuffs of the frock are rolled up exposing this wonderful jacket lining. He wears these outdated gold bullion fringed epaulettes and is armed with equally outdated weaponry. These senior reserves would have been outfitted with whatever could be found as the North Carolina regulars would have been given the newer weapons. He wears two pistols housed in holsters on his belt which appear to be flintlocks. He is also armed with this 1850's eagle head militia sword. He completes his uniform with this fantastic wide brimmed slouch cap to shade himself from the Carolina sun and a pair of striped civilian trousers. The image is accompanied by one of his original pleated over shirts. Considering it's age the condition is quite exceptional. The pleated front constructed from silk with the remainder made of a very course cotton. A good amount of staining to the shirt but virtually no mothing or separation. Really a unique grouping! $3800.00

Item #68342 Double cased sixth plate ambrotypes of a sergeant major and his wife. This NCO stands dressed in a rather unique frock. It appears to have 5 very large domed buttons running down the front, with cloth shoulder tabs and a slash pocket located on the breast. Nice, large sergeant majors chevrons are worn on the sleeve. A holstered revolver is worn front and center while his sword rests on his hip. His wife sits dressed in this wonderful and immense silk hoop skirt. I can't imagine how cumbersome and stifling a gown of that size must have been. She is draped in gold jewelry and her hair I can only assume took hours to be braided in such an unbelievable manner. How she managed to keep all of those small and perfect loops in her hair is beyond me! Unfortunately the pair is not identified. Wonderful pair of images with a rank you don't see to often. Housed in a quite nice double sided thermoplastic case. $650.00 

Item #33421 Wonderful little ninth plate tintype. I love the look of this image and the expression on his face. Dressed in this grey homespun wool-jean cloth jacket. Nice clarity to the image so that you can visibly see the weave of the jean cloth material. He was this fantastic row of "Goodyear Patent" hard-rubber buttons which run down the front of the jacket and really stand out. He wears this rather mischievous grin on his face while sporting this absolutely fantastic dark grey slouch cap. Just a great looking image. This one does have a tax stamp on the reverse but it is not dated. He may in fact be a recently paroled Confederate prisoner of war. This one comes housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. This one does come with a 4 x 6 copy of General Orders No. 109 issued June 6, 1865 regarding the discharge of Confederate Prisoners of War. Great looking image! $350.00

Item #42545 Early sixth plate ruby ambrotype of a unidentified member of the 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry known as Birney's Zouaves. Dressed in the dark blue jacket, vest and trousers worn by the unit which was trimmed in red. Not long after being issued these uniforms the men found them to be rather unpractical and slowly moved towards switching them out for standard Federal issue uniforms. The regiment would fight in some of the fiercest engagements of the war. They would fight at Seven Pines, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Cold Harbor and several others. At Cold Harbor the men would take a beating losing 75men killed and almost another 120 wounded. This one comes with a patriotic mat and housed in a full thermoplastic case. $600.00

Item #23443 Set of two tintype images of what appear to be mother, father and son based on the facial features of this young man and the two shown above. The first image is a quarter plate tintype of an aging husband and wife. He stands dressed in a nine button light gray military vest and grey civilian trousers. A single breasted dark wool coat is also worn with a small amount of cuff trim visible. His wife sits dressed in a black dress with white lace collar and a small brooch or cockade pinned to the front. What's really neat is it appears she must have been attending to some household sewing as she has at least 4 sewing needles stuck in the front pleats of her dress which you can clearly see. The second view is a ninth plate tintype showing a steely eyed soldier dressed in a double breasted Confederate jean-cloth frock coat with an external breast pocket. The face of the buttons are not visible but are of the rimmed, convex military type. A civilian vest is worn with a checkered pattern along with a dark button up shirt and paper collar. A thick multi colored cord hangs from his neck which most likely leads to a pocket watch. Unfortunately the subjects are not identified but they came out of Martinsville, Virginia. Neither of these have cases either. Just the brass mats, preservers and cover glass. $450.00

Item #28909 Quarter plate melainotype of three early war Confederate enlistee's. It would appear to be 3 brothers enlisting for the cause or perhaps one last photo before sending a brother off to war. The trio are shown in this view with hands embraced. It has been suggested that the man standing at center is the same man shown in the second image which is now housed in the LOC. The man seated at left is dressed in grey trousers which sport a black stripe down the trouser seam. He also wears a dark, double breasted coat with two rows of buttons featuring a flower pattern. Certainly not unusual for Confederate troops as I have seen flower buttons used on many occasions. The other two men are dressed in their Sunday best. Apparently this studio must have been quite small as there wasn't even enough room to move the extra chair out of the view of the camera lens. Beautifully clear image. This one comes housed in a half leatherette case. $850.00

Item #68744 Wonderful ninth plate tintype of this steely eyed old character. This one came out of Bertrand, Missouri. This old fellow has seen some miles which one can see on his weathered face and aging grey beard. Piercing blue eyes coldly stare into the camera. It would probably be a good bet this fellow took part in the Kansas/Missouri border wars and may have been in fact a guerrilla or Missouri State Guard. Most likely taken during the winter months, he sits dressed in multiple layers with the outer laying being this heavy frock with Goodyear type buttons. Under the overcoat is worn a grey wool-jean military type jacket with a stand-up collar. Clear enough that you can see the cassimere weave of the military jacket worn. Typical wear to the coat which you would expect to see where an accouterment sling would have been worn. He also sports this wonderful 1860's black slouch hat with a small tassel drooped over the brim. This old fellow does not look like somebody who's bad side you would like to be on. Housed in a  half leatherette case. $275.00 

Item #25432 Double cased sixth plate tintypes. Both photos are of the same soldier taken during the same sitting. They are not identical images. You can see that he has his hand slid up slightly farther on the stock and closer to the barrel band in the second image. Looks to be a mid-western yank dressed in a state issue uniform. Illinois I would suspect. Outfitted with full accouterments and holding his musket across his chest. Housed in a double sided thermoplastic case. $550.00

Item #79856 Ninth plate ambrotype of a Federal cavalryman. Nice up close view of this horse soldier dressed in his cavalry shell jacket. He wears a patriotic silk sash over the shoulder which has been tinted in wonderful shades of red, white and blue. The former owner had the sash that he is wearing in this view as well but it was in such a deteriorated state that they threw it away!! At least the image has survived. This one comes in a full thermoplastic case with patriotic matting. $395.00


Item #78700 Grouping attributed to Henry Clay Jones of the 2nd Vermont Infantry, Co. D. Henry would serve with the regiment beginning in June, 1861 and serve until his discharge in June of 1864. He would be wounded once while engaged at the Wilderness. The grouping consists of a post war photograph of Henry dressed in his GAR uniform accompanied by two very nice GAR badges. The family CDV album in pristine condition holding 30 views including one of Henry in civilian dress. Many of them identified. His original appointment to 3rd sergeant dated August, 1862 and signed by the regiment's major who would later be killed at the Wilderness. Also included in his certificate from the state of Vermont acknowledging his service. His original acceptence letter from the Bureau of Pensions granting his pension still in the original envelope. Henry's personal portfolio of Military and Civil War History which records his service in detail. A family history book which records the family history from 1750 through 1898 and an envelope full of misc documents relating to Henry's estate. Very nice grouping of a Vermont veteran. $450.00 

Item #12912 Quarter plate tintype of two late war yanks that came out of New Market, Maryland many years ago. Very casual pose of these two men. One of the men stands with his frock unbuttoned and resting his hand on the other's shoulder. The other is seated sporting camp shoes and service stripes located on the coat sleeves. Mint view which this scan does not do justice. Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. $500.00

Item #87121 Rare ninth plate ambrotype of an unidentified member of the 1st or 2nd New Hampshire. These guys are pretty much misidentified in every single publication I am aware of as being Confederate. He is dressed in the New Hampshire grey greatcoat and cape. The uniform underneath would have also been grey and trimmed in red. The only part of that uniform that is visible here is the grey cap which has a lower band of red that ran around the base of the cap. Company letter "F" is pinned to the front. He stands armed with his musket and brandishing an Allen & Wheelock 32 cal. pocket revolver from under the flap of his cape. Images from this unit are actually very hard to find. These guys fought from the First Battle of Bull Run all the way to Richmond. At Gettysburg they were nearly annihilated. Very hard to find image. Housed in a half case. $850.00

Item #89881 Sixth plate tintype of two cavalryman dressed in stable frocks. Very rare example of this coat. These were constructed out of white canvas to be worn while grooming horses. The canvas allowed for the horse hair to be much more easily removed as compared to the wool uniforms. Some units such as the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry actually wore the coats as fatigue uniforms while in camp. During the spring of 1864 members of the 2nd Maine were issued an order that "enlisted men on stable duty will wear their stable frocks". Both men look as though their forearms are bandaged. Those are probably false sleeves being worn for protection but why they are wearing them I have no idea unless it is to keep the white sleeves of the coat from becoming soiled. One of the men has his pant legs pulled up over the top of his boots. The other has done the same with one pant leg falling down. I would presume this was done to keep the bottom of the trousers out of the horse s**t and mud as the boots of both men are filthy dirty. This is shown in the publication "US Army in the West" published in 1995. Rare view of these two men who were probably returning from stable duty. Housed in a full leatherette case. $800.00




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